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Within their current income, I help from +55 to millennials live the lifestyle they desire by helping them own their home in paradise!



may be one decision away!

Enjoy an exceptional quality of life within your means! Your home at the beach or countryside, in a peaceful town or a bustling city! How?

Let me help you!


Why LiveLifeNOW! LLN!

Are you enjoying life NOW? If not now, WHEN?

Money isn't everything, but it helps. You work hard to make ends meet while saving enough for the future. Financial security allows you to have a debt-free life, peace of mind, and the lifestyle you desire. 

​Whether you are retired or working while planning for coming times, or looking for an opportunity to invest, ensuring the best possible quality of life for the future is essential.​

​​Very few countries provide these opportunities while offering a fantastic quality of life for cents on the dollar. I have lived in two of them.

​As a registered architect in Costa Rica and Ecuador for close to 30 years, I can help you accomplish, within your current income and in a short time, ways to save with a cost of living 1/2 to even 1/4 of most major U.S. cities and own your dream home for a low amount. Or even develop a real estate project that will put cash in your pocket every month.

Are you intrigued? Let´s talk!



My name is Arturo Lecaro. I am a registered architect with almost thirty years of design, construction, and project management experience. Having lived my entire adult life in Costa Rica and Ecuador, I know both countries very well.


Thousands have moved to these two countries, constantly rated among the top 5 expat destinations during the past decade. They offer an excellent quality of life at 1/2 or even 1/4 of the cost of living of major U.S. cities. Would you have peace of mind if your cost of living was cut in half or even more?


On top of that, they offer a great climate all year round, quality healthcare, a fascinating and diverse culture, and, above all, warm and friendly people.


LLN! Live Life NOW! focuses on helping people who are looking at Costa Rica or Ecuador as places where to develop and build their homes or projects. And, in the process, help them achieve peace of mind about the future.


If either country is under your radar, you can get in touch with me. We can schedule a short call and figure out how I can help you. No strings attached!


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  • Is ranked as the #1 destination by International Living Magazine. 70,000 U.S. citizens can't be all wrong.

  • Offers great real estate opportunities.

  • Foreigners can access an irresistible financing program for investments in real estate.

  • Has great weather all year round.

  • Is more affordable than the U.S. and offers a high quality of life.

  • Passed new laws to attract foreign investors, retirees, "rentistas", and digital nomads.

  • Has very good and affordable public and private healthcare and insurance systems, offering full coverage under the public system.

  • Excels at Eco-tourism and adventure sports.

  • Is the happiest country in Latin America.

  • Is on Central Standard Time.

  • Its electric grid runs 98% on renewables!

  • Flight time is 3 hours to the nearest US cities.



  • Ranked as the #6 destination by International Living Magazine, and has been top six 11 years in a row!

  • Is the place for low-priced real estate!

  • Has any climate you want. Choose from the coast, the Andes mountains or the jungle.

  • 6 cities are ranked among the best to live in South America, with Cuenca being #1.

  • Combines a very low cost of living with an exceptional quality of life.

  • Private medical procedures may cost 10-30% of similar procedures in the U.S. Foreigners have access to the public health system.

  • Has the US dollar as the official currency!

  • The world-renowned Galapagos Islands belong to Ecuador.

  • Has more than 6% of the world´s biodiversity. The constitution recognizes the Rights of Nature.

  • Is on Eastern Standard Time.

  • Flight time is 4 hours to the nearest US cities.



is to co-create unique projects whose purpose is to improve the quality of life of our clients while contributing to the restoration of nature and the well-being of the planet.


Let us know what you are looking for, and we'll find the property most fitting to your needs. If you need, we can help you with the paperwork to finance your project.


If you have a home or other projects in mind, we'll handle all the processes, from the initial concept to the final design, construction blueprints, and building permits.


If renovation is more your thing, we'll remodel your property according to your needs and lifestyle.


From groundbreaking at the beginning of construction to turn-key, let us know what your needs are, and we'll take care of it all.


If needed, we will do all the paperwork necessary to finance your project. And will also deal with managing and renting out your property whenever you aren't enjoying it yourself.


If needed, our team can guide you through the entire relocation process, from paperwork, visas, banking, legal matters, etc.

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